duminică, 8 ianuarie 2012


                There is this person,which I think I will love for an eternity.He may,or may not be , my soul mate,but I don't care about such a trivial fact.I mean,is it wrong to love two persons at once?I don't think so.But let me tell you about  this "perfect" being : well,he's pretty older than me  and you need to know that he barely recognizes my existence[such a sad thing,I know] and we didn't saw each other irl[but I hope this event will happen eventually]; it seems he's tall,like,really really reaally tall.He is a spiritual person,with culture and he had a kind of lucky life,as he had  mostly,only oportunities around him.Don't misunderstand me,I am happy for him because of that,but I can't help but be a bit jealous ... nevermind.
              As I said,he has culture,essence.I am not sure,but I think he really likes Romania.It's not a fact,just feminine instinct.It also seems that he  likes good music,like Paramore ,Linkin Park etc. I still hope that he likes VersaEmerge.It's a little hope of mine.
              He also has a bad side,you know,that's what makes him human,after all.He can hold grundge for so much time,it's almost impressive.Also,he is really stubborn , it looks like always,he has to win an argument.
               Well,this is the man who became engraved in my  immature,childish,idiotic heart and brain.There is a possibility that I will lose my love for him,I will get over him,I dunno.But ,I don't I will be able to entirely forget him.

         Paaai,asta e.Tipul.Cee,e nevoie si de sentimentalism pe blogul unei fete:)) Gata,gata,ma intorc la Alexandrina.Good night,owls.

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